Reprinted with permission from  Originally, published on 2/17/2017

There IS a solution to that fight you have over and over again.

Do you have the same fight over and over again with your partner?

Do conflicts with your husband or boyfriend sound like this?

You look over at your husband, who is texting or using Facebook on his phone. You think he is not busy.

So, you ask him,“Honey, could you help me with the baby (or son’s homework or daughter’s school project)?”

He responds, “Well, I was planning on leaving to meet my friend, Joe, at the wing’s place to watch the game in a few minutes.”

Did you end up feeling disappointed in your relationship? Frustrated?

Or maybe your conversation goes more like this . . .

“You said you would pick up the living room (or do the dishes, take out the trash, or some other chore).”

To which he responds, “Yea, I told ya I’d do that once this video game is over.”

However, the video game never seems to be over. One game becomes another game, and they seem to last all evening night after night.

It’s a vicious cycle.

The work never seems to be done. You just wish your guy would help you, that he would participate in the family.

It’s frustrating when nothing seems to work.

Sometimes you try to talk about it. At other times, you might yell at him. Nothing seems to work.

Some nights, maybe, while lying in bed, you start to panic, wondering how you ever committed to such a seemingly uncaring or selfish guy.


This article was reprinted with permission.  It was originally published on 2/17/2017 on under the title 5 Steps To Decoding The REAL Reason He Always Seems Pissed At You.