Imagine what it will be like . . .
  • To feel relief because your son or daughter is no longer anxious and
    afraid or has recovered from high-stress or traumatic event
  • To enjoy your child because he or she is cooperative and compliant
    instead of being oppositional and defiant
  • To observe how your daughter or son is a happy and no longer
    irritable, sad, or wanting to hurt herself or himself
  • To feel in love and connected to your partner instead of worrying
    about the next conflict, painful look, or instead of contemplating
  • To feel happier and energetic, like your old self, instead of sad,
    depressed, or, unfortunately, like hurting yourself
  • To be effective in managing emotions and relate effectively with
  • To be able to be calm and relaxed instead of experiencing anxiety,
    being "stressed out," or "freaking out"
As you analyze each word on this page, on this web site, . . .
  • You could feel a sense of hope, one that may have been alluding
  • You may have done a web search and looked at web sites, looking
    for answers.  
  • Maybe, you have been reading books and articles so you have
    learned about the problem.  While information is helpful, it can be
    hard to make those changes.  
  • You, like others, may have doubted that you could get the help you
    have not only needed but desperately wanted.  
  • Maybe, you are hoping for a quick fix, which usually only happens
    with minor issues, but you know that it may take more than that.  
  • (By the way, many clients find relief after just the first visit.)  
  • Of course, each person, couple, family, and their situations are
    different so results cannot be guaranteed.
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