Imagine what it
would be like...

to look into your partner’s eyes and see such deep love again, like when you first met.  You touch each other, and, maybe, it almost feels electric.  When you are apart, you think about each other.

How can therapy help?

There is significant research to indicate that therapy is helpful. Mental health researchers and even Consumer Reports indicate that psychotherapy is “effective and efficient,” “facilitates the remission of symptoms,” “speeds up the natural healing process,” and “provides additional coping strategies and methods for dealing with future problems.
Based upon  patient-focused research principles about counseling effectiveness, we try to:

  • Help the patient make the best use of whatever abilities and resources they already have
  • Understand the patients’ points of view
  • Collaboratively address the patient’s goals (e.g., most sessions will start with “what would like to have happen?”)
  • Adjust to the patient’s view of the therapeutic relationship.
  • (e.g., some patients want the therapist to be more directive and structured yet flexible while others want him to be more reserved and listen exquisitely)
  • Geared to the client’s readiness for change (i.e., some people are poised to make changes immediately while others are not quite sure; some patients have made that decision but are struggling to nurture that change)
  • To be enthusiastic and believe in the therapy and the client (e.g., we believe that most patients are doing the best they can and, with some help, support, encouragement, can feel and do better)
  • Utilize therapeutic techniques that empower and supplement the other principles discussed
  • Seek the patient’s feedback about the sessions
  • Remain personable and active, especially, during couple’s sessions while maintaining neutrality

Our Services

Couples Counseling
Individual Therapy

“I have learned a lot about myself. I knew about my issues, but verbalizing it makes it real. It helps getting it out. When I realized it (an issue), I went home and talked to my husband about it. He didn’t even know I felt that way. ”


“It always is helpful. Opening up some deep secrets that I need to address. And, you’re giving me the avenue to do it. Giving me the tools to deal with that. Before I started coming in here, I had no tools, and (now) I use them.”


“I look forward to coming. It really helps me to see (perspective). (Helps me to) keep it moving, like a free-flowing river.”



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