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Materials to Guide Men to Speak from the Hearts to Their Loves

Yesterday, another therapist on FB made a request, searching for “books or materials guiding men to speak from their hearts to their loves.” My friend and colleague, Valerie, tagged me, thinking I may have an answer. Read on to Read more

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Feelings – Why Do We Have Them?

Other similar questions you may have could include . . .

  • What’s their purpose?
  • Why are feelings important?
  • Why do they matter?
  • What good are they?

You can also watch it and other helpful videos at the MaxRelationship channel Read more

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Building a Foundation to Grow, Heal, or Improve a Relationship Even If You’ve Been at It a While!

YouTubeVideo 01 – Building a Foundation

Most of the people I work with want to grow, heal, and/or do their part to have a loving relationship.

We deeply want to shift, our intention, our goal, is to make some Read more

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Married? Dating? What Gets in Your Way?

Dating? What Gets in Your Way?

Guys, you can win positive points by planning and taking her on a date (executing your plan)!

Many women say that they would love it if their guy would plan and follow up Read more

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FYI: Communicating–Update

Updated January 22, 2021

Projects Underway

The short of it is that I am working on some (big to me) tech projects, which I hope create more efficiency and help me more effectively communicate with those who want my Read more

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Shift Your Relationship by Looking for the Good

You can watch this video post on my Facebook page here.

We have a natural tendency to look for what’s wrong, needs to change. We should ask for change. However, if we look for the good overall, it Read more

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Learning That He Was Special, Steve Was Able to Help Liz Feel Cherished!

When Steve (not his real name) realized how special he was, he started liking himself more. . . . As he was able to feel it inside his soul, he was able to treat Liz (not her real name) that way, too. Read more
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Learning about Who We Are

Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work, but it’s worth the effort.

Fred Rogers (p. 13, The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember Read more
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