Counseling with Max Following the Current COVID-19 Guidelines

Stressful, confusing, and chaotic circumstances, like those happening now, can drive some couples to get closer while other couples experience more arguments or stony silence. Some people can get more anxious, depressed, or angry. It is a challenging time, but we can look at ways that we can work together in a safe way.

Currently, I plan on keeping offices hours while taking precautions to prevent the spread of the illness.

We have a couple options:

  • We can meet online through HIPAA-compliant video conferencing in order to have therapy while distancing from others physically
    • Of course, it is a little different than meeting in person, but it can be an effective way of doing therapy when we cannot meet in person.
    • Basically, I send you a link before our session so we can meet online during our appointment time. I have tried to use a program(s) that does not require that you download any software. I will try to send the link well in advance of the session, but please be patient with me as we work together in a new way.
    • If you use insurance for individual therapy, most companies are encouraging its use and reimburse in the same way. I may have to take some steps to make this happen, which can take some time. I will do my best to accomplish this. Therapy by phone is not covered but you can pay out of pocket for phone sessions.
    • To prepare for this process, I send you the Technology Assisted Counseling form, which you complete and submit before our first video or phone session. This form provides instructions, guidelines, and consents.
    • If you are new client(s), the state requires that we meet face-to-face the first time (unless they change this requirement temporarily).
  • We can meet in the office with some effort and precautions
    • The office building is relatively small with only some foot traffic in it. We do not have large gatherings there. My office contains resources that will help us to continue to do therapy.
    • I will do the following:
      • Wipe down commonly touched surfaces (like door knobs) between clients, which could take a couple extra minutes
      • Continue to wash my hands
      • Continue to greet you but, at this time, avoid any handshaking
      • Try to keep as much distance as possible
    • I ask you to do the following:
      • Stay home and consider video sessions if you:
        • Are coughing, have a fever, and/or shortness of breath
        • Have traveled outside the US, especially high-risk areas, like China, Iceland, Italy, and many European
        • Have been exposed to others who have contracted the Coronavirus
        • Are among a more vulnerable group, such as those with health concerns or who are older
      • For privacy, confidentiality, and to provide distance, I ask that you attempt to avoid others as you enter and exit the building.
      • Text me (719-460-4185) at the appointment time so I know you are there. Please park in the front of the building so you can see me come to the building front (double) doors and open them. (Please do not text me at other times. This is an exception to that policy.)

Because of all the changes, everyone is having to adjust our routines, schedules, and plans. I will plan on meeting with you (preferably by video conferencing) as scheduled. If you are too ill to participate, please let my office know by calling 719-460-4185 as soon as possible so I can schedule others into those times. There is no fee for cancelling when you are too ill to attend. Just mention that in your message. Otherwise, I still ask that you call to reschedule 48 hours in advance to avoid a late-cancel fee.

I encourage you to seek reliable sources for information about this illness, such as from:

The El Paso County Health Department

The Centers for Disease Control

I look forward to working with you. Existing patients can reach me by calling 719-460-4185. If you cannot call, please do not email or text. Instead, you can use the new contact form designed for new patients, on the contact page of my website, New patients can reach me through the contact form on my website,, or calling 719-460-4185. Please be aware that, while the circumstances may impact our response time, we will respond to everyone as soon as possible. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Thanks! Max