Counseling During the COVID-19 Pandemic: September 2020 Update:

Focus Is On Relationships

My goal is to help couples and individuals with the complexities of their relationships. For some, this period has brought them closer. For others, it has contributed to more distance. I use a combination of art and science to help restore those who are struggling.

Helping couples with the complexities of their relationship.  Telehealth can help you reach your goals.
Relationships are complex and difficult.
Telehealth sessions can help you reach your goals.

COVID Demonstrated Effectiveness of Teletherapy

The pandemic also has changed how I practice therapy. I thought I had to be face-to-face. I have discovered that therapy can be quite effective through secure video conferencing. In many ways, it is more effective. Additionally, I have expanded my practice from the Colorado Springs area to all of Colorado.

Research not Reactions

Just like I do for my practice, I try to learn about what is happening. So, since the beginning of the pandemic, I have regularly attempted to investigate what scientists and medical professionals recommend and have looked at actual numbers locally, in the state, nationally, and even globally. I have tried to avoided overdosing on news and extreme points of view.

COVID-19 Still an Issue Short-Term & Possibly Long-Term

The infection is still concerning because it infects a large number of people and kills a large number of those those infected, especially those who are older and those with health conditions. It seems much more dangerous than the flu. Based on other similar infections, there are concerns about long-term effects for those who become infected. These include heart, lung, and brain issues. I suspect some effects may not appear until years later.

It's frustrating trying to do therapy with a mask on.
It’s frustrating trying to do therapy with a mask on.

Effective Precautions Interfere In the Office

Since masks, distancing, and limiting contact with others seems to have reduced the number of infections, the state has required masks and distancing while inside an office. Meeting with patients under these conditions (wearing masks) will still increase the chance of infection, will require a lot of additional time for cleaning, and will reduce the effectiveness because we will miss out on significant amounts of important facial information (emotions are reflected in the face).

Consequently, at this time, I will continue doing all therapy via online methods, telehealth only.

I will probably make my practice 100% telehealth for the future, but things have been one step at a time. I re-evaluate regularly.


If you would like help with your relationship, you can reach me here!

Stay safe and healthy!