Feelings – Why Do We Have Them?

Other similar questions you may have could include . . .

  • What’s their purpose?
  • Why are feelings important?
  • Why do they matter?
  • What good are they?

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Feelings are like signs.

Can you imagine traveling without signs?

On highways, especially if we don’t have an internet connection on our phones (to connect to GPS or the map on our phone), they help us find places to eat, where to get fuel, a place to stay.

Exit signs help us know how to get to that street or highway we need.

Feelings are like signs tell us what is going on inside of us.

They tell us that some person’s behavior, what they said or did, or their inaction was important in some way. They tell us about that our life experiences are important in some way.

They can also be a response to a situation, a memory, a thought about a future event, an interpretation of what is happening. They are trying to help us understand.

More pleasurable ones tell us that our human needs, desires, values, wants are being met

  • We tend to want more of these
  • To return to our sign metaphor – The signs are indicating we are moving closer to our desired destination

Less pleasurable ones tell us that our needs, wants, desires, or values are not being met

  • We tend to want fewer of these
  • The signs are indicating that we are moving farther away from our desired destination

We’ll dig into the details in other blogs and videos.

For now, it can be helpful just to get a glimpse of how valuable they can be. In our society, they tend to be underrated. If anything they are a helpful tool about our lives.

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