FYI: Communicating–Update

Updated January 22, 2021

Projects Underway

The short of it is that I am working on some (big to me) tech projects, which I hope create more efficiency and help me more effectively communicate with those who want my services or need to speak to me. Currently . . .

Best Ways to Reach Me at This Time

  • The phone number posted on my contact page
  • Current clients can also use their portal on the support page
    • Please bookmark or mark that page a favorite on your browser
    • There is help if you forget your password right on the page
    • Your portal is a “ticket”
  • Those interested in services can also use the contact form.

Other Ways

  • For reminders and for those interested in services, we initially use email from
    • Please “whitelist” that email, make me a contact, and set the email so that it goes to your inbox rather than your junk or spam folder
    • Please send private information ONLY through the portal or contact pages
  • I ONLY text reminders and if I cannot reach you otherwise and it is urgent.
    • Please do not text me as I do not monitor my text messages because they are not secure


  • My time is limited as a small business owner with the my mission
  • Communication is complex these days even with and because of all the technology.
    • There are many ways to communicate (and I can only monitor a few): email (I can and do have multiple), phone (I can and do have multiple), text (not secure enough), portal, contact page, all the communication apps (WhatsApp), Facebook messenger, Google my Business message, chat apps.
    • I limit my methods to the most efficient, secure, and effective ones for me.
    • Then, even one particular kind of method can have issues. (For example, Gmail sends a lot of things to junk/spam so people can miss a lot of emails without realizing it. Vendors ask me to whitelist or make them a contact and provide steps just to ensure that their emails are seen.)
  • To help communication with a variety of people, I have tried a number of different methods to help improve communication.
    • Unfortunately, that can make monitoring less efficient and less effective.
  • Communication around therapy has certain requirements, too.


I continue to try to address this issue. In fact, some of my current projects are around communicating and scheduling. Of course, there will be some adjustments to the changes and the technology once I make changes. I will try to keep you posted.