Good News for Those Who Want Counseling and Have AETNA Insurance

We have a need for some good news, especially right now with COVID-19! I received some in my inbox just a couple days ago that I wanted to forward on to others. It just took a couple days (all the adjustments are keeping me a little busy while I meet with patients or consult with colleagues online or over the phone as well as try to stay in touch with friends and family).

Aetna wrote in an email on Wednesday, March 25th that “Until June 4, 2020, Aetna will waive member cost sharing for any covered telemedicine visits regardless of diagnosis – including mental health. For commercial plans, cost sharing will be waived for all virtual visits through the Aetna-covered Teladoc® offerings and in-network providers delivering telemedicine services.”

“Aetna is allowing clinicians to deliver mental health counseling and consultative services through telemedicine to members who are hospitalized.”  

There are other benefits listed, too, so make sure you are checking with the Aetna website for more information.

Even if you do not have AETNA, other companies are making mental health care more accessible, too, at a time when we are practicing social distancing or need to be isolated.

Let me know if I can be of assistance, especially at this time! You can reach out to me through the contact page or call 719-460-4185!

My thoughts and prayers are with you!