Men Can Demonstrate Vulnerability & Love: Gentleness is Powerful – Take a Look!

Vulnerability, love, courage
Phoenix shows radical transformation thanks to a man who cared and was vulnerable.

I loved this Face Book video post. The dog, Phoenix, was so scary at first (because it was scared, because it had been abused). Watch the short video to see how much Phoenix changes. Takis, who rescues dogs in Crete, was able to help the dog transform from snarling and defensiveness to being loving, connected, and happy. He did it in one day. How?

Takis kept trying to gently reach out to this dog. He did not force or manipulate the dog to like him, but Takis had decided that he was going to care for this dog, who had not experienced much love, being on a chain his whole life apparently. Who would have thought that risking (fingers or more, pride, having to adapt to another being) would result in such a big change?

Takis adjusted himself to his situation. He did not show he was in charge. He did not show he was the boss. He actually adapted to the dog’s needs, was kind, reached out, risked getting bitten, did not force his ideas of how things should go but truly showed he cared with patience, gentleness, and love. That is vulnerability. It is challenging, but it seems worth it!

Many men struggle to understand vulnerability. I like this video because many men have a special place in their heart for dogs. Some feel very touched (and have even been known to cry about dog’s, like when viewing the movie “Old Yeller”) about “man’s best friend.” They can connect to those feelings of vulnerability and openness, which are so very powerful but, otherwise, challenging to understand.

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