Updated: Counseling with Max and Following the COVID-19 Guidelines

This email/article covers: 1) change to telehealth only, 2) quick check-in, 3) simple details about how to use telehealth

Hi! I want to reach out via email (and will post this on my website blog, too). I know you have probably been overloaded with so many emails and phone calls about COVID-19 and other parts of life. I will try not to overload you with too much more. I will try to call if I need to check in with you.

I want to quickly update you that I am moving to video sessions (telehealth) only. They are a little different than in person, which many of us prefer, but have been quite effective. Most patients are saying that sessions went well at the end of the session. I have more details below.

However, as a therapist, I want to check in with you. How are you?

For almost everyone I meet, this is a very stressful time. Moving from an office to home. Having to choose what to buy at the store. Do you buy a lot or just enough for the next week? What is going on in the community, nation, and world. The news of COVID-19 can be overwhelming. (I have to limit the news but try to stay up-to-date with what is happening.)

Many of us are around each other 24/7 now. That is an adjustment, and adjustments take energy. (Negative stress is distress while positive stress is eustress.) Some are delighted with being around each other. Others are struggling, not sure how you are going to make it weeks being around each other.

I have been so thankful that I am able to continue to see my existing patients and some new people by video. I wish I could see them in person, but this is the second best thing. We continue to work on relationships, anger, anxiety, depression as well as the new stressors. Counseling works.

Details about Counseling with Video (Telehealth) with Max

  • Please ask questions – things are changing rapidly
    • About scheduling (I have extended my hours at this point because of the need)
    • About money concerns (I will try to work with your situation if you pay privately and are struggling; if you are in individual therapy, one company apparently waived out of pocket expenses for counseling).
    • About video conferencing (currently, there is nothing to download) itself. You just put a URL link into your browser.
  • Process
    • If you have not already done so, please read, complete, and sign the Technology Assisted Counseling form, which is attached if this is an email. (It covers things like the benefits, limitations, what to do if we get disconnected, etc.). Please send it back by the encrypted email.
    • If applicable, I will send an invoice from PayPal.
    • Currently, I use the Doxy.Me platform, and I will send a link so you can put the link into your browser. It will lead you into my virtual waiting room. No one else will see you in there. If I am in session, no one besides me will know.
    • The waiting room has tips and a video about checking in.
    • Doxy has many YouTube videos to help, too.
    • If you use insurance for individual therapy, most companies are encouraging its use and reimburse it in the same way as a face-to-face session. (One company seems to be waiving the entire out-of-pocket fees.)
    • Therapy by phone is possible for some of my patients.
    • While the state used to require that the first session happen face-to-face, they have allowed providers to waive that requirement under the current conditions.
  • Reaching Max
    • You can call 719-460-4185. If I cannot pick up, it will go to my answering service, who can help with scheduling or connecting us.
    • You can communicate through the contact form on the contact page of MaxCounselor.com

Thanks so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you!


2993 Broadmoor Valley Road, Suite 100

Colorado Springs, CO 80906