Men Can Demonstrate Vulnerability & Love: Gentleness is Powerful – Take a Look!

Many men struggle to understand vulnerability. The man demonstrates how to do it. Many men relate to dogs with a lot of feelings so it is a way to touch the difficult-to-see or experience vulnerable and open side of men. Read more
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Feeling Nervous, Anxious, or on Edge? Some Ideas to Help with COVID-19 Concerns

Many people struggle with anxiety on a day-to-day basis. Now, with this virus, there are a lot more of us and, for some, that anxiety is so much higher right now. According to, the state health department conducted Read more

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Good News for Those Who Want Counseling and Have AETNA Insurance

We have a need for some good news, especially right now with COVID-19! I received some in my inbox just a couple days ago that I wanted to forward on to others. It just took a couple days (all Read more

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FYI: Anthem Waives Copays plus for 90 days for Behavioral Health by Telehealth & Telephone Sessions (because of COVID-19)

During the COVID-19 crisis, Anthem is help facilitate counseling by waiving member's cost (copays). Updated 4/11/2020 Read more
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Updated: Counseling with Max and Following the COVID-19 Guidelines

This email/article covers: 1) change to telehealth only, 2) quick check-in, 3) simple details about how to use telehealth

Hi! I want to reach out via email (and will post this on my website blog, too). I know you Read more

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Counseling with Max Following the Current COVID-19 Guidelines

Stressful, confusing, and chaotic circumstances, like those happening now, can drive some couples to get closer while other couples experience more arguments or stony silence. Some people can get more anxious, depressed, or angry. It is a challenging time, Read more

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